I do the YouTube

Yes, it is official. I am now YouTube famous.

*Starts shopping for Lambo’s*

This week I had the privilege of being filmed by a very beautiful, talented and successful Youtuber (YouTube’r?) ‘Where’s Poppy’ for her travel blog on Chongqing. How cool is that?

A company reached out to me via Instagram @ameliasbusy (https://www.instagram.com/ameliasbusy/) around a month ago asking for some help / info for their most recent project ‘fun things to do in CQ’. I am all about this city at the moment (for instance I just found a really cool Irish bar that only serves Mexican food weirdly) so obviously I was more than happy to help them out.

This is where Poppy comes in (or ‘Where’s Poppy’ haha … get it?)

Poppy freelances for the company which meant that I got to spend some quality time sightseeing with her this week while she filmed, photographed and vlogged the whole experience (…and yes those are frozen margaritas from the Irish Bar in the picture above. I am Irish, so I can confirm that frozen mango margaritas are indeed an Irish tradition. They’re made fresh every morning by the leprechauns).

The video won’t be being published for a few weeks unfortunately, which means I can’t shamelessly insert the link 500 times, HOWEVER you can go look at my really boring amateur Instagram page while we all wait? (That’s me below, laughing at my own joke).


Or, you can visit Where’s Poppy on YouTube and have a look at what she is all about?


Things I’ve seen/done this week:

  • Met a big YouTube star
  • Won my daily step challenge competition two days in a row due to all the sightseeing. 16k steps. BOOM. In yo face.
  • Ate Hot Pot AGAIN (after swearing last time I’d never eat it again)
  • Found the Harp Irish Bar in Hongyadong, with the Mexican food, killer margaritas and a skyline view that won’t quit. I’m like 60% nachos right now
  • Visited Eling Park (amazing view point)
  • Visited Expo Gardens (Need 3 days to see the whole thing)
  • Visited Ci Qi Kou (old town)

Things I learnt about myself this week:

  • I love margaritas
  • I do not love being filmed midway through shovelling handfuls of nachos & guac into my mouth
  • I would be the worlds worst Vlogger (unless you want to hear about the after effects of Hot Pot in a crap Irish accent?)
  • I would also be the worlds worst tour guide (unless the tour group enjoys getting lost and being late)
  • I am painfully awkward on camera
  • I have gained a Chongqing Belly (yes that’s a real thing. Too much Hotpot & BBQ)
  • I need a new, compact camera. If I’m going to become a big YouTube/Instagram/Blogging sensation I’ll need some half decent pics, not crappy iPhone ones that look like I’ve taken it with my foot. If anyone has any suggestions DM me?
  • If you’re thinking about teaching abroad go visit this link (https://bit.ly/2KllD97). Mention the name ‘Amelia White’ at application stage and I’ll love you FOREVER. Also first person to find me in the background wins a prize …
  • https://youtu.be/-b6_6tOKwuM

    14 thoughts on “I do the YouTube

    1. Loved reading this, I was cracking up at your things you have done and learned lists. Reading this also makes me wish I’d had a longer time to stay in Chongqing. I was only there for a few hours but you are right, the city skyline is killer. Can’t wait to see the vlog post. Happy Travels.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ll help where I can. As far as this post goes it was fun learning what you didn’t like: being on camera while eating.

          Also, it cracks me up that there is an Irish pub in Chongquin. I have decided are Irish Pubs in every city. Found one in Florence, Italy and Juneau, Alaska.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Yes, not any particular ones just what I want to read. I try to post reviews on newer books. But I’m itching to read some classics again.

          Free lance book reviews sound like fun.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Loved this post! First off, you and I are now best friends. I will be in CQ next month and I am in dire need of some taco and margarita therapy. Hook me up! Also, I feel like hot pot is a lot like alcohol. Every time I have a night of hot pot, I swear that I will never-ever do it again… until like, tomorrow.

      Liked by 2 people

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